The Boathouse is the largest waterfront building in Cama Beach State Park. It measures approximately 70’x90′, has exposed beams and rough, wood floors, a small “porch” to the west, and features a prominent collection of historic boats in-use and on display—which will occupy floor-space during rental events. The Boathouse floor will be generally clear of boats except for the area in the W side and on the boat rack between the northern columns. Clean stationary tools will occupy floor-space in the southwest corner. Sliding doors open to the park service road on the east, and to the “porch” and Puget Sound on the west.  Available on the premises are six 60” round tables, four 6′ rectangular banquet tables, and 45 folding chairs.


The Boathouse is available for set up evenings after 4:00 p.m. With assistance from cwb staff. No vehicles are allowed down to the beach area without a State Park escort. Daytime rentals are subject to availability. Availability and rates are subject to negotiation, and The Center for Wooden Boats reserves the right to refuse rental for any reason.


In order to be considerate of our neighbors, all sound systems must be approved by the Washington State Parks Cama Area Manager, and operated in compliance with their policies.
It is recommended that you rent at least, the 3 waterfront and 3 back row cabins closest to the boathouse and the boatman’s cabin if there is to be music at your event.


Please give your caterer a copy of the contract and make sure they understand their responsibilities. All event garbage must be bagged and stacked neatly inside the Boathouse door. Rental equipment is not allowed in the Boathouse before the specified set-up time in the contract (noted on page 3 of contract) and should be removed from the site immediately after the event. With assistance from cwb staff. No vehicles are allowed down to the beach area after 5:30. No vehicles are allowed down to the beach area Without a State Park escort.


Setup begins no earlier than 4pm, exclusive space use starts after 5pm. Boathouse (Main building and “porch”) $1000+tax for five hours (unless extension negotiated beforehand) “Porch” only $400+tax for  five hours (unless extension negotiated beforehand) Boathouse, porch, and fire truck garage $1200+tax for five hours (unless extension negotiated beforehand) Fire Truck Garage half day $200+tax for four hours Fire Truck Garage full day $400+tax for eight hours


For more information, contact us or download the 2015 Cama Facilities Rental Agreement.

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