YOUR BUSINESS COULD JOIN THOSE ALREADY SUPPORTING THE CENTER FOR WOODEN BOATS. There are many companies in Seattle who value The Center for Wooden Boats’ drive to ensure there is always a place where people can go to:

  • Meet an amazing variety of other people,
  • Learn about our maritime history,
  • Learn to sail,
  • Learn to row a boat,
  • Build a boat,
  • Or just enjoy a few hours of peace and calm at the water’s edge in a bustling city.

Our business leaders value the respite from the stress of work, both for themselves and the people who work for them. That’s why they support CWB through:

  • Sponsorships
  • Business membership
  • Advertising in CWB publications
  • In-kind donations of goods and services
  • And with donations to support programs they believe can make a difference.

CWB is grateful to its business partners for their generous support.

CWB believes very much in making sure that the 100,000-plus people who visit every year to take a class, enjoy a free boat ride, or come to a festival know which companies are supporting the museum. The benefits of corporate sponsorship, event sponsorship, and program sponsorship can be tailored to meet your specific needs. CWB works with companies to provide their employees with unique benefits to engage them in sailing, rowing and other programs.

Exhibit and Event Sponsorship

The Center for Wooden Boats is gaining respect as a leader in organizing and presenting maritime-themed exhibits and quality events. Sponsorship of a Museum exhibit or special event is a cost effective way to both to support the research and programs of CWB and to engage with a community of visitors, volunteers and CWB members who are passionate about the issues of boating, life-long learning, building a better community, access to the water, protection of our natural resources, and building a city we all want our children and grandchildren to live in.

Contact us

To learn how your business can partner with The Center for Wooden Boats, contact Brandt Faatz, Executive Director, 206-382-2628, or email