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SATURDAY JULY 1ST – TUESDAY JULY 4TH: The Wooden Boat Festival is designed to celebrate the maritime heritage of the Northwest, putting tools in hands and getting people out on the water in historic wooden boats. There’s nothing stuffy about the wooden boat festival. This is an old-fashioned, down-home waterfront event where everything is fun and most things are free.

Registration FOR WOODEN BOATS Closed

All boats exhibiting at the 2017 Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival – new or returning – need to register.

VENDOR Registration Closed

Vendor registration is closed for the 2017 Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival.

Quick & Daring Boatbuilding

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Compete to win the Lake Union Challenge Cup! Build a boat in 24 hours during the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival, then race against other teams on Lake Union. The contest is a stretching exercise for the boatbuilder’s creativity, planning and construction skills, but its special purpose is to provide an exciting and enjoyable experience for contestants and spectators.


JUNE 1 CWB Notified of Intent to Enter
JUNE 12 Design Submissions Entered
JUNE 18 Entrants Notified of Acceptance

To Submit an Entry:

Deliver design submissions in person or by mail to
The Center for Wooden Boats
Attn: Quick & Daring
1010 Valley Street
Seattle, WA 98109


music schedule

11:45am-12:00am Opening Ceremony with Saaduuts
12:00pm-12:50pm Haida-Laas Dancers
1:00pm-1:50pm Burgundy Pearl
2:00pm-2:50pm The Whateverly Brothers
3:00pm-3:50pm The Drunken Maidens
4:00pm-4:50pm The Ginger UPs
5:00pm-6:00pm Global Heat
11:00am-11:50am Fiere Warning
12:00pm-12:50pm Hounds@Bay
1:00pm-1:50pm High Divide
2:00pm-2:50pm Silver Lining
3:00pm-3:50pm Larry Murante
4:00pm-4:50pm Pint and Dale
5:00pm-6:00pm Maritime Folknet  Shanty Showcase*
12:30pm-12:20pm Larry Murante
1:30pm-2:20pm Watch the Sky
2:30pm-3:20pm Haida-Laas Dancers
3:30pm-4:00pm Presentations and closing

*Mariide, Lynn Applegate, Laura Bassett, Jan Elliott-Glanister, Helen Gilbert, Chris Glanister, Wendy Joseph, William Pint & Felicia Dale, David Kessler, David Perasso, Dan Roberts, Stephen Whinihan, Alice Winship

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