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Inside Passage Southbound


For a number of years and reasons I’d wanted to row a dory down the Inside Passage through Southeast Alaska, British Columb… read more

Winifred, My Dreamboat


I first spotted Winifred more than 30 years ago, in covered moorage behind Morrison’s fuel dock near the Fremont Bridge on … read more

A Victorian Replica


The notion of a small, beamy, ballasted centerboard boat with heavy scantlings is nearly heretical. “It’s a pig looking f… read more

Journey with Orion


Those who visit my 57’ wooden yawl Orion quite often comment on her fine details, such as the bronze hardware that has work… read more

A Parting of the Stay


As a young man Art Nilsson snagged a deckhand spot on board the 108’ deep ocean ketch Atlantis, a Woods Hole Oceanographic … read more

A Modern “Ferrytale”


Rowing against a strong tide is hard enough, but rowing across a strong tide can be heartbreaking. Heading toward your goal, … read more

My Life in Boats


My name is Bill Black and, as I approach age 88, I still hold many memories of my life in wooden boats. When I was bucked off… read more