Please take a minute to complete this quiz. If you complete this quiz and the second one by the end of your SailNOW! class, you will receive a free hour of boat rental from our Livery!



1) The primary purpose of a halyard is to:

2) When rigging and leaving the dock, the bow of the boat should always be facing:

3) The mainsheet should always be ____________________ when raising the mainsail.

4) When raising the sails, always raise the _____________ first.

5) While under way, turning the bow of the boat towards the wind is called:

6) In general, when falling off or bearing away, the sails should be:

7) The point of sail with the wind coming directly perpendicular across the boat is known as:

8) What are the two rules of Waterway 4 (the channel directly in front of CWB)?

9) Changing tacks so that the bow of the boat turns through the no-go-zone is called:

10) While in safety position, the sails will be:

11) The ideal point of sail for safety position is:

12) When sailing downwind on a run or broad reach, it often feels like the wind dies. This is because:

13) When the wind is coming over the port side of the boat, with the boom towards the starboard side, the boat is said to be on ___________ tack.