We have completed our first ever crowdfunding campaign to support the restoration of our Blanchard Junior Knockabouts! The campaign will ran from June 9th- July 6th 2014 and was an overwhelming success! Our amazing members donated over $23,000, which is 145% more than our $16,000 fundraising goal. 

Highest Donor: Team Gallaher

Boat Name: Richard G

If Boat Restoration is what you care about at The Center for Wooden Boats you can donate to the cause year-round. We have an active fleet of over 50 historic boats that move in and out of the boatshop for restoration projects and their annual maintenance.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the Blanchard Restoration Video Series below and see the work that goes into keeping our BJK’s in top condition.

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The Haulout is the first step to any boat restoration. It is at this point that the boat is removed from the water and… read more


Thumbnail for survey video

Blanchard restoration video series: the survey

The Survey is the first time that the boatwright gets hands on the boat out of the water and… Read More


Thumbnail for transom video

 Blanchard Restoration Video Series: Replacing the Transom

Now that the survey of “The Lucky Seven” is complete the restoration can begin. The first section of the boat that needs to be worked on is the transom, which… Read More


Thumbnail for framing video with play buttom


For the next stage of the restoration Joe Green moves inside the boat to replace six of “The Lucky Seven’s” sistered frames. The frames of a boat are… Read More


thumbnail for planking video with play button

Blanchard Restoration Video Series: Planking

During the next stage of the restoration Joe Green returns to the exterior of the boat to replace a plank on “The Lucky Seven.” The planks of the boat are what forms the hull around…Read More