Public Sail Day Sponsorship

Gifts of $250 to CWB on this page allow you the opportunity to create a Public Sail sponsorship message. Your sponsorship message will be posted on CWB’s dockside sponsorship board on Sunday and be displayed until the following Saturday. We will also post your message on CWB’s Facebook on Sunday (unless otherwise instructed). As an additional benefit, Public Ride Day Sponsors receive six reserved spots on the same boat for Public Sail at 1pm (arrive at 12:45) on the day of your sponsorship, so your friends and family can come out and sail with you!

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Your Public Sail sponsorship message must be no more than 25 words, including the introduction.

To help you craft an appropriate message, please use the following format: “Today’s CWB Public Sail sponsor is (name), (message).” Day sponsorships may not be read anonymously or with a name other than what was written on the donor information when the sponsorship was purchased.

  • Day sponsorship messages should be personal in nature: celebrating friends or family or commemorating a personal event, anniversary or birthday.
  • Messages that promote a business, advocate a cause, are political, religious, or editorial will not be used.
  • Messages acknowledging a non-profit organization or event may concisely describe the general services provided, an event date, or general location, but may NOT include additional details such as phone number, Website or specific street address.
  • Language must be value-neutral (no qualitative words), verifiable and non-promotional.
  • CWB reserves the right to evaluate and edit any message that does not conform to CWB guidelines.


“Today’s CWB Public Sail sponsor is Bill Smith, wishing Patty Jones a happy 50th birthday.”

“Today’s CWB Public Sail sponsor is the Smith family, wishing grandpa and grandma a happy anniversary.”


Please select two dates, your second date will be an alternative if your first choice is unavailable. Dates fill up quickly. If neither of the dates you have selected are available, CWB will contact you.

Fill out the Public Sail Day sponsorship form that will come with your receipt and mail it to CWB at least one month prior to the requested sponsorship date. You may submit a day sponsorship form up to one year after the date of the contribution and may schedule the day sponsorship a maximum of one year from the current year.


Do I get a choice of which boat we go out in?

You will have three boat options: Electric Fantail Launch Dora: 6 Adults, Bristol Bay Gillnetter Admirable: 6 Adults & Steam Powered Puffin: 4 Adults & 2 Small Children. You will be able to rank your boat preference on the sponsorship form but we do not guarantee you will receive your first choice.

 What time do I need to arrive for my ride?

Your party will need to be on the docks by 12:45pm in order to get ready with your lifejackets and be able to leave on your ride at 1pm!

For more info:

Development Director

For Businesses

If you are a business and are interested in sponsoring a month of Public Sail, please visit our Sponsorship page for further information.

Download 2014 Public Rides Sponsorship Form