Pedal Boat


Type Pedal Boat

Designed by Phil Thiel

built by rich kolin

year 2002

Available for REnt:
South Lake Union


The vessel has been in service since 2002 and continues to be a popular favorite with visitors due to its ease of use and higher capacity.

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Length Overall x Beam x Draft

15’4″ x 5’9″

Hull Type

Hard-Chined, flat bottomed, pram, dual pedal stations

Construction Details

Western red cedar lapped on fir sawn frames, glued plywood and glass bottom.

Andy Goulding and Mike Gordon came up with the concept of a pedal boat after Mike suffered a stroke 20 years ago. In the late 1990’s he started talking about a  pedal powered boat.

Their search for a design led them to Phil Thiel, an architect in discipline, UW professor, artist, flaneur, and neighborhood activist. Phil developed a single seater, which was tested and loved.

Phil agreed to design a two seater and CWB agreed to sponsor the construction by Rich Kolin. They raised $5000.

Mike named the boat Aphasia which means “speechless” for the condition experienced by stroke survivors.