Intro to Varnishing

An Introduction to Brightwork Repair & Maintenance
This two-day seminar will start with the basics of bright finishing and take novices step-by-step through the process of varnishing bare or previously-finished wood, with an emphasis on practicality. This class is aimed at those taking an active role in maintaining their vessels who always have been mystified by the finicky nature of varnish and the myriad myths surrounding it. Learn how to repair and rehabilitate varnished surfaces that have been damaged by wear and tear or neglect.

This workshop also will cover stripping old finishes and preparing bare wood for sealing and new varnish. Other topics include choosing sealers and finishes, efficient use of the many grades of masking tapes, abrasives and sanding blocks, edge tools and other tricks of the trade that will help produce a professional finish. On both days, demonstrations will be presented by the instructor and students will be able to hone their newly-acquired skills on work pieces.


Members $275 | Non-members $310

April 29-30, 2017

About the Instructor

Christine Green has nearly 35 years of experience painting and varnishing woodwork on boats here in the Pacific Northwest. For 25 years she successfully owned and operated her premier boat painting facility—Native Brightworks—on Lake Union in Seattle. Today, she personally maintains a hand-picked selection of high-end vessels for clients who have complete confidence in her skillset and who acknowledge that she can provide them the very best paint and varnish finishes available.

Focusing mainly on traditional oil-based finishes, applied with natural bristle brushes, Christine has a solid working knowledge, and a true passion, for all facets of the trade; from heat gun stripping and fairing, to finish sanding and sealing, from priming and caulking to masking, sanding, and proper cleanup. Additionally, she has experience with epoxies, canvas, fiberglass and anti-fouling paints, and is capable of performing these tasks in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.

At this time, Christine is seeking opportunities to share her extensive expertise and to further promote the preservation of our precious wood resources and timeless craftsmanship. She takes pride in sharing her devotion with others in the form of practical knowledge that will help them successfully achieve their desired results.

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