Boatbuilding Classes

The Center for Wooden Boats is excited to be partnering with Chesapeake Light Craft to provide build your own boat classes at CWB’s Northlake Union campus in 2017. In these week-long classes, students will be guided through the construction of one of the CLC kit boats listed below.


Tuition: Members $800 | Non-members $875 | Helper $400
Material cost: varies by boat, see descriptions below for boat options and kit pricing. A 10% shipping fee will be added to the kit cost. Kits must be purchased in full from CWB no later than 45 days before the class begins. After registering for your class online, email or call 206-382-2628 to purchase your kit.

Northeaster Dory June 25-30, 2018

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Graceful round-sided lapstrake dories like this 17-footer were once the primary recreational craft on the New England coast. You’ll assemble a faithful reproduction in just a week, using plywood and epoxy. Capacity is three adults and you can choose to add a sloop or lug sailing rig after the class if you choose. By the end of the week, hulls will be assembled, ready for sanding and finishing at home. If there’s time, we’ll get started on sailing rigs during the class for those who choose that option. For more information on the Northeaster Dory see
Kit options:

  • Basic Northeaster Dory:$1599
  • Sloop Rig add-on: $1455
  • Lug Rig add-on: $1305
  • Annapolis Wherry July 23 – 28, 2018

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    In this five-and-a-half-day course, each student will build an Annapolis Wherry or an Annapolis Wherry Tandem from a Chesapeake Light Craft kit. The Annapolis Wherry is modeled after the graceful 19th century livery boats used on the River Thames. While fixed seats are standard, the Annapolis Wherry is primarily a sliding-seat boat.

    The precut hull planks are scarfed together, and then connected to the frames and each other with copper wire stitches, then fixed in place with epoxy fillets. Next come thwarts, knees, rails, and air tanks. Fiberglass cloth on the bottom inside and out provides abrasion resistance. The instructor will discuss the proper way to sand and paint or varnish the boat. We recommend that students electing to build the Annapolis Wherry Tandem in the class do so with a partner. For more information on the Annapolis Wherry see
    Kit options – choose one:

    • Annapolis wherry $1425
    • Annapolis wherry tandem: $1525
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