The Sub Committees of the Board help advise the Board of Trustees on specific areas of Tate’s operations. They provide expertise and help the Board act effectively.

Committees are usually chaired by board members and include staff and volunteers. The only “requirement” for joining a committee is an authentic interest in supporting CWB’s mission, however each committee is strengthened by people with related expertise. Monthly board meetings are greatly augmented through the committee structure: specific issues are researched and proposals are developed within committees and then brought back to the full board.

The Sub Committees

Executive Committee
Officers of the board that set board direction.

Finance Committee
Active review of financial position, budgeting.

Audit Committee
Select auditor, attend closing, report to board.

Strategic Planning Committee
Lead strategic planning work and discussions.

Governance Committee
Ensures strong governance using best practices.

Collection Committee
Policy and priorities for CWB’s historic boats.

Cama Committee
Strategy for CWB at Cama Beach State Park

South Lake Union Committee
Strategy for CWB at Lake Union Park and WW4.

North Lake Union Committee
Strategy for CWB at potential North Lake Union.

Development Committee
Strategy and leadership for fundraising efforts.

Campaign Cabinet
Leadership of fundraising for Capital Campaign.

Auction Committee
Leadership of CWB’s annual fundraising auction.

Board Recruitment Committee
Thoughtful recruitment of new board members.

If you are a Board Member or Volunteer with an interest in participating in one of the above sub committees, please contact Kaki Brzytwa to learn more,