Since 1978, with Volume One, Number One, Shavings, the newsletter of The Center for Wooden Boats, has been a collection of the wisdom, and sometimes the wit, of the members, staff and friends of The Center for Wooden Boats.  Shavings is still edited by CWB’s Founding Director Dick Wagner, who works with staff and longtime volunteers such as Judie Romeo to figure out what stories will be the most interesting to CWB members and to ask, plead and cajole those who know the most about that subject to write something. Articles cover everything from what’s happening in the shop, what boats are being repaired and restored, what countries Monk Awardees are visiting to learn from local boatbuilders, to what organizational challenges CWB faces and how the museum is solving them.

It started on a typewriter and copy machine.  But today with publishing software it also is made available online. That means communities thinking about creating their own Center for Wooden Boats can look back and see the issues and solutions that have worked for CWB.

Click here to see the collection of Shavings online, from our very first issue in 1978 to our most recently uploaded publication.

Or use these links to jump to a specific publication:

Shavings Volume 1 Number 1, November 1978

Shavings Volume 1 Number 2, January February 1979

Shavings Volume 1 Number 3, March April 1979

Shavings Volume 1 Number 4, June July 1979

Shavings Volume 1 Number 5, August September 1979

Shavings Volume 2 Number 1, January February 1980

Shavings Volume 2 Number 2, April-May 1980

Shavings Volume 2 Number 3, June-July 1980

Shavings Volume 2 Number 4, August September 1980

Shavings Volume 2 Number 5, October November 1980

Shavings Volume 3 Number 1, January February 1981

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