Our Founding Story

The Center for Wooden Boats is a laboratory of learning where anyone can freely walk in and participate in the experiences of maritime heritage.

Our classic boats are out sailing on the water, weather permitting, and our maritime skills workshops are active all year round. All are accessible to people of all ages and abilities. At CWB, education is entertainment. Both underserved teenagers and deskbound bureaucrats hate to leave CWB after they’ve completed building a replica historic boat or learning to sail one because of the thrill they experienced using the analytic and creative parts of their minds at the same time. Our programs make a difference!

Think of the preschool kids hearing maritime tales while aboard a heritage vessel; elementary schoolers building their own toy boats with hand tools and paddling an Aleut Umiaq; people with physical disabilities learning to sail; homeless teenagers learning to sail; middle and high schoolers making sailing models or building replica heritage boats and learning to sail them.

The Center for Wooden Boats programs are designed to be a portal to history, but delivered in a hands on way that lets you take the tiller, hold the sheet in your hand and discover that history isn’t really that far away at all. 

For more about CWB’s early days, click here.

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