Volunteers having fun at CWB

CWB Volunteer Appreciation

The Summer Volunteer Appreciation Party was held August 20th, and 120 passionate volunteers and staff came together on the CWB docks to share stories, a beautiful day, tasty food, ice cream and racing bragging rights.

The CWB volunteer force is the lifeblood of the organization. Our volunteers literally keep us afloat. So it’s essential that we let those volunteers know just how much we love them as often as we can. Our favorite way to do that is to throw a party! This year, a group of the volunteers decided to take it up a notch and add a Blanchard race, and the winning boat was Betsy Jane, skippered by Jake O’Brien, with Justin McClellan, Jacob Herbold and Nancy Woodward as crew. Here’s a video of the race https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5Vflaz2lqU

Many thanks to Michael Woodland, John Watkins, Chip Burrows, Crisca Bierwert and Marty Johnson for planning and organizing the race, which was such a hit, we’re pretty sure it will become an annual event. Let the planning (for next year) begin!

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