Youth Programs – Learning skills for life!

It’s safe to say that summer for most kids is the best season of the year.

“No more teachers, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks.”

Hooray! they say – school is out!

Youth Sailing theory hour reduced

At CWB, we have a little secret we keep from our youth – school is never out! Yet, they flock to this place in droves because they haven’t figured that out. Kids who come to CWB to learn how to sail, for example, don’t just pick up beginner sailing skills. The wind, water and wood are guerilla instructors, imparting lessons in geometry and physics, as well as confidence in ones own ability to survive challenging moments. These kids gather in little outdoor classrooms and sit in rapt attention as they discover how the capricious movement of wind interacts with the clever shape of a sail to send a wooden boat flying across the water. With gleeful abandon they practice man-overboard skills, and in the process learn teamwork and grace under pressure, quietly planting seeds of calm for one day when they find themselves battling life’s “overboard moments” – literally and figuratively.

Woodworking for Kids

Our woodworking classes give many kids their first experience with tools, and open up a whole beautiful world of autonomy. Skills learned in beginning woodworking cultivate curiosities about myriad other ways to craft and take care of the world around us. Woodworking classes are also a gateway to the maker culture, where future employment in this country isn’t just about writing computer code but using our hands to build the infrastructure of our cities and the businesses that give them economic life.

The CWB scholarship and “Pay What You Can” programs make all this learning available to everyone. We’re not a private sailing club for kids whose parents grew up in prep school! We are a portal to the “University of Life” – for every child. It is a fact that many of our program participants come to us from less that ideal life circumstances. It’s not uncommon for a child who is struggling at home – or even without a home – to make life-changing discoveries through our youth programs. CWB has a long legacy of “putting the wind in the sails” of all our youth program participants.

The CWB youth programs give every child a kitbag of empowering personal tools that ultimately help them see themselves as capable and contributing members of the community at large. They learn things they can take home not just at the end of the day but through a lifetime.

If you have a child who is looking a little bored with all that summer freedom, contact CWB. We’re halfway through the summer season, but there are still openings in our youth program lineup. Check it out! Your kids won’t even know they’ve gone back to school…

More information about the youth programs can be found here:

Below are the classes and the current number of spots still left. They’re filling up fast!

Beginning Sailing

July 17 – 1 spot

August 7 – 4 spots

August 14 – Full

August 28 – Full

Intermediate Sailing

July 24: 4 spots

July 31: 1 spot

August 21: 5 spots

 Advanced Sailing

July 17: Full

August 7: 1 spot

August 14: 4 spots

August 28: 3 spots

 Woodworking for Kids:

July 31: 4 spots left

August 14: full

Quick and Daring

July 17: 6 spots

August 21: Full


July 24: Full

August 28: Full

Canoe Building:

August 7: 2 spots







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