Pilot Gig DAN comes home

Pilot Gig DAN towed home 2017 f

The Pilot Gig DAN, being towed to CWB from the North Lake Union shop

Photo: Shelby Allman

The DAN is a 20′ pilot gig. She’s basically a long fast rowboat, with four rowing stations, each rower with one sweep, and a coxswain who controls the rudder. You might say she’s the 1700’s version of a rowing shell.  The DAN has been out of the water, in storage for 10 years. CWB Lead Boatwright Josh Anderson saw her one day, hiding in the corner at the North Lake Union shop while he was up there working. “The boat looked to be in pretty good shape so I figured we should spruce her up and throw her in,” he said.  Volunteer and retired boatbuilder Jim Paulson took great interest in the boat and did a good deal of the work, mostly oiling and giving her a couple of fresh coats of paint (after repairing some cracked planks.)

It’s a good boat for team building exercises. All four rowers have to be in sync with each other and with the coxswain. Anyone who has read “The Boys In The Boat” will enjoy the opportunity to imagine themselves rowing to Olympic Gold. And it’s also just a great way to get some exercise and make new memories while soaking in the beauty of Lake Union.

Bring your friends or form your own impromptu Olympic crew here on the docks, and discover the power that comes from pulling an oar in perfect synchronicity!

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