A (Give)BIG Thank You!

Congratulations and thank you for making GiveBIG an amazing success for CWB! You blew away our $20,000 goal, raising over $32,000 for the CWB community. You’ve put more kids in boats, more sandpaper in volunteers’ hands, and more people on our docks. Thank you matching sponsors for staking CWB with $13,000, including $5000 of surprise matches on GiveBIG day. Your money was doubled, as all the matches were met before midnight.

There’s nothing like the look of excitement on kids’ faces and the confidence in their voices after their first sailing lesson. At CWB, wooden boats are the medium that brings people together to celebrate and share culture, craft and experiences.

Your support changes lives, challenging youth and opening up minds to water-based recreation and vocation. You are strengthening our society by uniting diverse groups of people around a common sense of purpose: to sustain the CWB community, our boats, and the enriching experiences they afford us all.

Thank you for keeping CWB’s sails full!


Brandt Faatz
Executive Director

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