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April 29th

This year’s GiveBIG is Tuesday, May 3rd. Donate to CWB through GiveBIG on May 3rd and Seattle Foundation will stretch your funds to make a bigger impact. Don’t want to wait? You can schedule your gift now!

The Center for Wooden Boats envisions a future without barriers to enjoy our waterways. We seek to provide access to the water for all! For today’s #givebigforboats story, we asked Our Volunteer of the Year, Max Schneider, about some of the ways CWB fills a need for access to the water. As the opportunity to jump in a boat and hit the water dwindles in our area, CWB fills that void by offering youth and adult sailing lessons, regular Sunday Public Sails on Lake Union, and field trips where kids paddle umiaqs out on the water! Max has her hands in just about everything around here—from skippering boats to working in the Boatshop. She is an incredibly valued member of the CWB family—as are many of the individuals who come together at CWB in support of our mission!

CWB envisions a future without barriers to enjoy our waterways. In what ways have you seen this accomplished throughout your time at CWB?

I see this happening every day in many ways. Some of my favorites are the volunteers interacting with our visitors with such heartfelt conversations, our wonderful new interactive displays, and the awesome school visits.

What impact do you think this has on the community?

Everything about CWB has an impact!

As far as our CWB community. I see volunteers doing things every day that they would never have had the experience of doing if they weren’t volunteering at The Center for Wooden Boats.

The impact we have on the greater Seattle area is best answered by my personal experiences. From my interaction with multiple generations of the same family, who bring their newest members to have their first ride on Puffin; to the moments taken to walk out to the end of the docks with more than one of our local tech friends; sometimes to just be that person who will listen; to show one of our donated boats to a new start-up group for a possible office space, or the conversations I have had with the parent waiting for their child to finish a sailing lesson. By the time their little sailor was ready to leave we had a plan for the visiting relatives to come and visit CWB for Public Sail on Sunday!

What are the ways you’ve seen people come together at CWB to accomplish this?

Well, the interactive displays were designed and built by a volunteer who happens to be a wonderful sculptor and also is involved with our electric boat program. We also have regular volunteers and supporters of our Public Sail program.

What do you do/participate in at CWB?

As a volunteer I work with boat sales and boat donations, repairing boats, working on engines, teaching boat safety, transporting and transiting boats, Festival set up and support. Pretty much everything.

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