GiveBIG for Community

Today’s #givebigforboats story features just one of the many members of our community here at The Center for Wooden Boats, Sããdữữts. Our volunteers, visitors, members, staff, and the Greater Seattle Area come together to support the organization and surrounding area in many ways; together we provide an oasis and gathering place at the water’s edge for all seekers who come down our docks! Sããdữữts, Carving for Cultural Connections Master Carver and CWB Artist-in-Residence, discovered and met Founding Director Dick Wagner many years ago while on a spiritual quest. He returned to CWB to carve exquisite dugout canoes, and is currently working on restoring the historic Honor Pole in our Pavilion. Sããdữữts has brought together people from the native community to join in this effort to preserve another vital piece of history. The support of our community is crucial to CWB and we’re grateful for our neighbors, members, volunteers, and friends. Join us for GiveBIG on May 3rd as we continue to build this gathering place.

In what ways do you think CWB builds and impacts the community?

CWB shares a sense of welcome for all people from all walks of life. I see people come down here from all over the world. They hear about us through friends and family. This is a place of community, and it keeps them coming back.

How have you seen the community within the organization change and grow throughout the years?

People come and go, but they always come back! There are more families involved, and youth grow here. The people here like to give. They talk about experiencing something larger than themselves, and that’s amazing.

How are you involved here?

I set an example of a living cultural connection. The Center taught me confidence and my dream is to hand that down.

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