Bronze Casting at Cama Beach

Our 2016 Bronze Casting Workshops at Cama Beach are now available for registration online!

Bronze casting is a process where you can create new bronze pieces, based on an original piece that may be broken or whose pair may be missing. Boatbuilders in particular often need special bronze fittings that are no longer available on the market, but can be cast without great expense. Anyone who has ever lost an oarlock will appreciate learning how to make copies of original hardware.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use all the tools necessary to cast bronze using sand-casting technology, including how to build your own inexpensive furnace.

Instructor Chuck Gittings will cover the basics of pattern-making, sand molding, and bronze casting during this engaging hands-on course. All students will make patterns of their designs to cast tools, boat hardware, and other objects in bronze — all in the scenic atmosphere of Cama Beach State Park!

We’ve got two sessions this year: March 19 & 20, and November 5 & 6. Sign up before they’re full!

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