4Culture Interpretation Grant

View 1 of new CWB Education Center

Interpretation is “the process by which we share our own understanding of the significance of an object with others.” In museums, this usually comes in the form of signage next to static objects.

At The Center for Wooden Boats, although we have some interpretative signs relating to our fleet, the majority of our interpretation comes through direct experience with our exhibits. That’s something that makes us unique in the way of museums. Our visitors leave with a personal story about boating, and we’re excited to keep those going.

But with a growing number of visitors who have no historical context to CWB or the boating culture in our city, we find ourselves looking for a way to bring this enriching information to our audience. We’re excited to announce that through a recent grant from 4Culture and the hard work of contractors, Emmett Smith and Joe Youcha, we’ve been able to create a plan for bringing a 10-year exhibit with interpretation to our future Wagner Education Center!

This plan includes various educational themes:

  • People, Boats and the Water
  • History of Pacific Northwest Small Craft
  • Boats as Works of Design and Engineering
  • Why Wood? (A look at the reasons behind our emphasis on this material.)
  • STEM educational materials for our existing and future programs

As we get closer to the groundbreaking and completion of our new building, stay tuned for updates on this exciting project. We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to 4Culture, whose incredible support has made this endeavor possible!


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