November Bronze Casting at Cama Beach

Bronze Casting

The ever-popular bronze casting workshop was held this past weekend at Center for Wooden Boats at Cama Beach, and it was a great success! Students learned to construct their own furnace, and pour 1800 degree molten metal safely. They learned different types of casting techniques, and gained the confidence to continue this skill on their own.

We even had a visit from previous students of the workshop! Putting their newly learned skills to use, they’re casting bronze fittings in the restoration of their very own tugboat — previously the Ivar Foss.

A huge thank you to James McMullen, the instructor, who had a great attitude and was very knowledgeable! He kept the class busy, packing flasks and pouring metal throughout the two-day workshop. We wish him well as he moves to Singapore in the very near future.

If you missed out on this class, but want to attend and learn this great skill, keep an eye out. Our 2016 workshop dates will be on our website soon, including our March Bronze Casting session. Come down and pack sand with us at Cama Beach.

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One thought on “November Bronze Casting at Cama Beach”

  1. Geoff Wade says:

    I was there, it was great, don’t miss it next time!

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