Haunted Booathouse at Cama Beach

With October upon us, it’s time to start the Halloween celebrations! On October 24th, we’ll host our annual Haunted Booathouse and Harvest Festival at Cama Beach State Park from 11am-4pm.

Activities at the CWB boathouse will include Halloween movies, pumpkin bowling, Ghost ship toy boat building, and a rain gutter regatta to put your toy boat through its paces. Popcorn and cider will also be available for attendees. If that’s not enough, our state partners at the park will offer many more activities at the Cama Center just above the boathouse, and there’s always fun to be had around the cabins!

Bring the kids down for an afternoon of family-friendly entertainment, and enjoy a fun fall day in a great place.


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One thought on “Haunted Booathouse at Cama Beach”

  1. Marty Bishop Arellano says:

    I’m so glad to see that you are continuing the Haunted Boat House tradition!

    I’m flying out of state today so, I’ll miss it but it warms my heart all the same.

    Chuck, you’re the greatest!

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