CWB at the New Classical Art & Architecture Exhibition

In an effort to spread our mission beyond our own docks, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be showcasing one of our boats, as well as tools and other paraphernalia, at the New Classical Art & Architecture Exhibition this weekend! This exhibition, entitled Forward Looking & Beautifully Timeless, is a “celebration of the advancement of the classical tradition in our region, [where] members will display their forward looking, evolving, and yet timeless – practice, projects, and craft.”

At CWB, we strive to provide a gathering place where maritime history comes alive through direct experience and our small craft heritage is enjoyed, preserved, and passed along to future generations. What a great opportunity to bring this passion to new communities!

You can find us at the King Street Station October 1st at 5:00pm – 5th at 5:00pm. Additional details below:

Architecture Poster

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