2015 Cama Beach Crabbing Season Wrap-Up

Crabbing Cama

Chuck Gittings has been our Operations Manager at Cama Beach State Park since June. As we’re winding down for winter, he’s got a message for those who came down for this year’s crabbing season:

The summer crab season has drawn to a close. It’s safe to say that CWB at Cama Beach had a great season with over 430 boat rentals, just during the crab season! Throughout this period, we also had over 30 new members join CWB through the Cama Beach boathouse.

This was my first season as the Manager of CWB at Cama Beach, and I am very grateful for all the people that came and crabbed with us here this summer. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

As partners with the State at the park, we operate the boat rentals at Cama Beach, and rent out the Boatman’s Cabin – an exclusive CWB member benefit. To find out more about member benefits, please visit our Membership page.

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