Introducing CWB Champion Allen Weymiller

In honor of GiveBIG, Day of Champions on Tuesday, May 5, we’re sharing some stories from our own champions here at CWB.  These champions keep our boats afloat, our visitors and volunteers engaged, and our young people learning.  When you GiveBIG to CWB this Tuesday, May 5th, you’re not just supporting us, you’re supporting them.

Introducing CWB Champion Allen Weymiller, CWB Volunteer of the Year

CWB Volunteer of the Year, Allen (right), sailing on Lake Union

CWB Volunteer of the Year, Allen (right), sailing on Lake Union

Allen is a volunteer who goes above and beyond for the CWB community.  So far beyond, in fact, that he was recognized as CWB’s 2014 Volunteer of the Year.

Allen began volunteering at CWB about three years ago.  A resident of Capital Hill for over twenty years, he found that once he left the busy corporate world behind, CWB offered a respite from the city, and a way to give back and share his love of water with the Seattle community.  It was a bonus that he could bike down the hill to CWB’s docks from his house in about six minutes.

Allen volunteers as a volunteer sailing instructor, public boat ride skipper on the Admirable, toy boat builder, restoration hand, and more, meaning he really is a jack of all trades at CWB. We talked to Allen to find out his favorite role as CWB volunteer, and he said  he enjoys his participation in Public Sail the most.  Public Sail is one of CWB’s most popular programs for good reason. Every Sunday of the year, rain or shine, we open up our boats to the public, offering free boat rides to all.  As a skipper for our Gillnetter Admirable, Allen plays a key role in helping CWB make this happen. Allen says, “When you ask a boat full of people ‘who has never been on a sailboat before?’ Half of them will raise their hands.  And then when you ask, ‘who has never been on a boat before?’ Another quarter of them will raise their hands!  Giving folks the opportunity to enjoy going out on the water in the middle of one of the fastest growing cities in America, that’s an incredible feeling.  Walking down on the docks at CWB, you can feel that this place is magic.  With our city growing and changing, CWB is more important than ever.  It’s a place where you can leave your city worries behind, even if it’s just for thirty minutes.  Being able to share that with people is a gift.”

Please join us in thanking Allen for his service to CWB.  It’s in his name that we ask you to donate to CWB through GiveBIG this year.  Mark your calendars and don’t forget to donate here on Tuesday, May 5!  And remember, this year your gift will be matched by an anonymous donor as well as stretched by Seattle Foundation.  Interested in becoming a volunteer like Allen?  Check out how to volunteer here.  

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