The Sail Repair Team Enters its Fifth Year

CWB’s Sail Repair Team is the behind-the-scenes force that keeps our cloth and canvas hard at work protecting the fleet.  The team was started by Kris Day back in 2010, and now this small, dedicated group of volunteers meets on Wednesday evenings at North Lake Union, repairing sails, covers, bags, and even the occasional canvas chair. This fall, after discovering that the cover for steamboat Puffin had shrunk over time, the team designed two extension patches to lengthen it.  The cover fits perfectly now.

The Sail Repair Team does more than just repairs, however – have you noticed the matching maroon sail covers that grace our BJKs?  Those were designed, patterned, and built from scratch all by CWB volunteers at NLU.  And when CWB workshop students begin building a brand new sail (often cut from larger, repurposed sail donations), the Sail Repair team is there to finish the job, often sewing grommets, boltropes, and leather by hand.  The sprit boat Dewey flies an excellent example of their handiwork.

There is no shortage of work for these intrepid volunteers – 2015’s task list includes two new BJK boom tents, adjusting the luff tension of our BJK mainsails, and finishing three new sails – mains for the Beetle Cat, Pelican, and Gillnetter.  We’re grateful for our partnership with SailRite in keeping the team well-supplied.  Interested in joining?  Contact Elena Losey at

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One thought on “The Sail Repair Team Enters its Fifth Year”

  1. Jerry M. Taylor says:

    I am interested in joining the sail team repair on Wednesday nights
    at NLU facility. Will you be at CWB tomorrow between 2-5PM? I have
    volunteered for clean up during that time, and would like to discuss
    this additional opportunity to help where needed.

    Jerry Taylor

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