Blanchard Restoration: Planking

Blanchard Restoration Video Series


Now what everyone has been waiting for!!

During the next stage of the restoration Joe Green returns to the exterior of the boat to replace a plank on “The Lucky Seven.”

The planks of the boat are what forms the hull around the boat’s frames, giving the boat its beautiful shape. Replacing a plank is very precise work since the boatwright has to make sure that the new plank will fit in exactly where the old plank was removed. You will see in this video the many stages that the new piece of wood goes through on its way to becoming a new plank. The steam box will be back in action again in order to make the plank pliable enough to shape to the boat.

Watch CWB Boatwright Joe Green and his boatshop volunteers go through the stages of replacing a plank on “The Lucky Seven.”

Find out how you can support the restoration of our red Blanchard, who is hauled out at our South Lake Union Boatshop, and get some awesome perks at the same time!

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