Blanchard Restoration: The Survey

Blanchard Restoration Video Series

The Survey

The Survey is the first time that the boatwright gets hands on the boat out of the water and can check out the areas where he thinks problems might lie. After the survey is performed he can plan the restoration and get a timeline on the work he will need to do.

In this video CWB Blanchard Junior Knockabout (BJK) “The Lucky Seven” is being surveyed by CWB Boatwright Joe Green in our North Lake Union (NLU) Boatshop. The BJKs in CWB’s fleet have come from many different owners and their past maintenance history is not always known until their first haulout by CWB Boatwrights.  Each BJK has different restoration needs based on their own unique history; the survey is where these specific needs are identified and a restoration plan is created.

This video series will take you through the restoration of the “The Lucky Seven,” in order to educate the public on the work and skill that goes into the restoration of wooden boats. The Center for Wooden Boats is dedicated to preserving the traditional craftsmanship that is needed to keep our fleet of wooden boats available to the public year round.

Find out how you can support the restoration of our red Blanchard, who is hauled out at our South Lake Union Boatshop, and get some awesome perks at the same time!

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