The contest is a stretching exercise for the boatbuilder’s creativity, planning and construction skills, but its special purpose is to provide an exciting and enjoyable experience for contestants and spectators.

Any design may be submitted. The design must be original. There are no limits on size or materials, except that only cellulose-based products may be used for the main structure of the boat. Materials can be new, salvaged, recycled or from a garage sale. Sail(s) and lines may be of petrochemical-based products. Everything on the boat, such as oars and rowlocks, must be made during the contest. No pre-cutting of materials is allowed; everything should be off-the-shelf when the contest begins. Patterns are allowed but they cannot be actual pieces that are installed on the boat. There are no limits on fastenings; anything goes. CWB is seeking sponsors for participating teams. Contestants will supply all tools; CWB will provide two sawhorses per boat. Two persons must build each boat.

Each boat must be built within one day. Both builders must be aboard the boat during the race. Boats may be painted (artistic embellishments are not required but they are appreciated by the crowd). Builders must supply their own paint and brushes. Painting time will not be counted in computing the winner’s building time. Each team will receive up to $150 for the cost of materials.

All design entries must be received at The Center for Wooden Boats no later than June 18. A panel of judges will select six designs and one alternate for the contest. Entrants will be notified by June 24. The criteria for selection will be sound design, originality, ingenuity and whimsy. The contestants will retain the boats. The plans will be available to view and to purchase from the contestants.

Three teams will build each day Friday, July 4, and Saturday, July 5, starting at noon. On Sunday, July 6, the resulting boats will race a triangular course, one leg to be rowed, one sailed and one freestyle. If a boat does not complete the course, it will be disqualified.

All boats must be removed from both CWB and Parks property by 5 pm Monday, July 7, 2014. Boats can be disassembled and disposed of in the Festival dumpster as long as this time frame is met. Arrangements to recycle materials at CWB must be approved in advance. Reimbursement checks will be held until boats have been removed from CWB and Parks property. If this deadline is not met, the cost for CWB to remove the boat will be deducted from the reimbursement check.

The winner will be determined by the following point formula (lowest number of points wins):

Speed of building                    Minutes/3

Cost of materials                      $/2

Showmanship                          1-6 x 10

Originality                                1-6 x 10

Aesthetics                                1-6 x 10

Speed (sail & row)                   1-6 x 10

Design Worth Keeping             0-200

Tool weight                              pounds x 2

Ties will be decided by a coin toss. Awards will be presented 15 minutes after all boats are in. The winners’ names will be inscribed on the perpetual Lake Union Challenge Cup. There also will be cash prizes: $250 for first place, $100 for second and $50 for third. All contestants also will receive CWB T-shirts. There also will be a “People’s Choice” award.

A new frontier of boat designs beckons for all aspiring designer-builders. Please call (206) 382-2628 if you have any questions about the Challenge Cup or

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