Women Boatbuilders to Restore Felicity Ann

Ann Davison, in her little 23-foot sloop Felicity Ann, was the first woman to solo across the Atlantic. After her historic crossing from England to the US in the early 1950’s, her boat passed through a series of owners and finally languished, up in Alaska of all places, for a quarter-century before it was recently donated to the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding as a last chance for restoration.

Luckily, the school is it’s 31st year of teaching wooden boatbuilding and restoration.
One of the school’s sailmaking alumni, Penelope Partridge, recently stepped up to marshall a team of women alumni to work with current students to restore Felicity Ann.

View a short video about the project. The video is part of a contest to help the school win  the funds to buy materials for the restoration. Every view helps.

Watch the video.

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