Charting a Course Through Youth Programs at CWB

Last Saturday CWB threw it’s 36th Annual Fundraising Auction and Dinner Celebration at the Seattle Design Center in South Seattle. The event drew over 270 guests and 40 volunteers out for a great night of food, drinks, fierce bidding and great conversation all in the name of wood and water.

The event raised a total of more than $111,000, of which $22,000 will go directly to supporting Youth Programs at CWB. The video below enjoyed it’s debut during the event, which was created by CWB Staff and Volunteers. We invite you to watch the video to learn more about the programs offered to youth at CWB, and how through our programs they learn to chart their course.


Many thanks to the Job Skills Crew Members, Beverly Mowrer and CWB Staff for agreeing to participate in this video. Also, a big shout out to Ashley Karitis and Ajay Varma, CWB Volunteers, for its creation!

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2 thoughts on “Charting a Course Through Youth Programs at CWB”

  1. Dan Mattson says:

    Great video. I will link to it on my FB. Thanks, Dan

    1. danleach22 says:

      Thanks right back at you Dan. Thanks for all you’re doing with your podcast.

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