Mercer Construction & Closures Continue

The Mercer Corridor Project continues, and traveling in South Lake Union can be a challenge. To make your trip to and from The Center for Wooden Boats a breeze, review the following information from the SDOT Mercer Corridor Project Website:

I-5 on- and off-ramps now open 
The I-5 on- and off-ramps at Mercer St. are now open following a weekend closure. During this closure, crews prepared for Stage 2 of Mercer East by switching eastbound Mercer St. traffic onto the new Mercer St. lanes north of the existing lanes.

Mercer Stage 2 traffic switch complete
Stage 2 of Mercer East has begun and eastbound traffic on Mercer St. has been re-routed onto the new Mercer St. lanes north of the existing lanes. Three lanes of traffic are continuing eastbound on Mercer St. with access to the I-5 on-ramps and southbound Fairview Ave. N. 

  • The far-right lane of eastbound Mercer St. is right-turn only at Dexter Ave. N.
  • Access to Mercer St. from the south via Boren, Terry, and Westlake Avenues is concurrently closed at Republican St.
  • Right turns from Mercer St. onto Fairview Ave. N southbound are allowed; however, alternate routes should be used to reach Eastlake Ave. E and Capitol Hill (i.e. Dexter Ave. N to Republican St.) due to increased congestion on Mercer St.
  • Left turns from Mercer St. onto Fairview Ave. N northbound are not being permitted during Stage 2.

Access to Northbound I-5 and SR 99 Detour Map
Access to Southbound I-5 and SR 99 Detour Map
Pedestrian Detour Map
Bicycle Detour Map

Mercer St. East of Fairview Ave. N Closure through Stage 2
Mercer St. will remain closed between Fairview Ave. N and Minor Ave. N, except to local access from Minor Ave. N until two-way traffic is opened on Mercer St. in the Fall of 2012. Due to the new northerly alignment of eastbound Mercer St. lanes, access to Mercer St. east of Fairview Ave. N cannot be provided. SDOT recommends that drivers headed to Capitol Hill use an alternate route during Stage 2, such as Republican St. to Eastlake Ave. N.

Seattle area construction closures and traffic impacts

Previous construction updates

For non-vehicle traffic, use the pedestrian detours map or bicycle detours map to get where you are going in South Lake Union. Hope to see you at CWB in South Lake Union soon!

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