Yearly Archives: 2011

Beneath the Waters


The Center for Wooden Boats has wrapped its arms around Lake Union since we received our permits to occupy Waterway #4. We se… read more

A Modern “Ferrytale”


Rowing against a strong tide is hard enough, but rowing across a strong tide can be heartbreaking. Heading toward your goal, … read more

My Life in Boats


My name is Bill Black and, as I approach age 88, I still hold many memories of my life in wooden boats. When I was bucked off… read more

Tradition and Evolution


Traditional boats are so called because they carry with them a history of permanence or evolution. It is difficult to think o… read more

GiveBIG to CWB Today!


What is GiveBIG? All day today, the Seattle Foundation will be stretching donations to area nonprofits with funds from genero… read more

How to Tie a Bowline Knot


The bowline is known as the king of knots, and is essential for all sailors to know. It is also useful for other applications… read more