Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story

For all you boatbuilders in the CWB community, you’ll love this sweet, touching story of two shipwrights in Massachusetts that build a 50 foot gaff rigged schooner. The film gracefully intertwines nerdy-boatbuilder tid-bits with stories of family, dedication and community – making it a film that any craftsperson can appreciate. It’s worth the watch!

Stay tuned for more information about a possible screening at CWB’s Boathouse in Seattle during 2012.

From the Charlotte website:

CHARLOTTE is a film about an extraordinary boatyard, the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway, located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Ross Gannon and Nat Benjamin established the boatyard in 1980 with the purpose of designing, building, and maintaining traditionally built wooden boats, and in the process they transformed Vineyard Haven harbor into a mecca for wooden boat owners and enthusiasts. After a long career of designing and constructing boats for others, Nat embarks on building a 50 foot gaff rigged schooner for use by his family and friends — her name is Charlotte. Through close observation of the everyday activities of the boatyard, the film emerges as a meditation on tradition, craftsmanship, family, community, our relationship to nature, and love of the sea.

For more about CHARLOTTE, visit, or view the trailer at

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