Learn to Sail with LEGOS!

Check out this cool piece of engineering! CWB volunteer Nick Wolf built this “Gear”y LEGO model to demonstrate proper sail trim at various points of sail. The grey arrow-shaped piece represents the wind direction. The blue upright pieces are the mainsail and jib. As you rotate the boat, the sails are trimmed by a series of gears. Take a look at the pictures for each point of sail!

This design got the education department thinking about possible educational displays at CWB. Stay tuned for more gear-driven lessons in the future!

Nick Wolf and Adrianna Hulschier just completed the SailNOW! learn to sail program. Nick is a regular volunteer with the Dora electric launch team. He frequently skippers free rides on the Dora on Sundays as part of our CASTOFF! public sails.

Thanks Nick!

Beam Reach

Broad Reach

Close Hauled

Nick displays his model along with his girlfriend, Adrianna.

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