Shavings Volume 1, No.1

Our very first newsletter, featuring highlights of the first year and doodles from Dick Wagner of what CWB would look like.

New Officers and Trustees
The Center for Wooden Boats held its first annual business meeting October 3, electing the following officers and trustees to one-year terms…

The First Year
Looking back over development of The Center for Wooden Boats, we realized that the idea has been “public” for exactly one year. Here are a few highlights of our activities during the the first 12 months. In October 1977, we formally announced formation of the Center at FISH EXPO, held in Seattle, throwing together a booth display, brochures, posters and other materials a few days before the exposition opened. The booth featured Marty Loken and Gloria Grandaw’s Poulsbo boat, Shine, which helped attract hundres of fishermen to our display…

A Doodle from Dick Wagner’s Dining-Room Table
Dick Wagner’s assignment for Volume One, Number One was simple. “Just turn on the genius and give us a Master Plan,” we told Wagner. “Something that will awe and inspire, or at least make somebody mad enough to come up with their own idea of what the Center should look like.” He said he’d try… and here it is–hot off the dining-room table!

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